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Darnell Dinkins grew up in the Pittsburgh area. He  graduated from Schenley High School and the University of  Pittsburgh. He then spent nine years in the NFL before retiring on the high of winning Super Bowl XLIV, as a New Orleans  Saint. 

After the NFL, Darnell spent time coaching at Rutgers University and with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He then returned home to Pittsburgh, to dedicate more love and time to his  children, Kayla, Khalil, Kolin, & Jaylen. 

He is a dedicated father, who loves hanging out with his  kids and traveling to watch them compete with their own collegiate teams. Some of his other passions include creating training and motivational programs that impact and empower local youth. 

Darnell has been a successful and prominent member of the Pittsburgh community since he returned to the workforce and hopes that his story, experience and light can serve to uplift those around him. 

He is an active member of the church, meets  regularly with other minority business leaders, and spearheads workforce development programs in his  community. 

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